Telling stories through video is an enabler, not a blocker to your hiring process

Video storytelling, what is it?

Video storytelling is a marketing tactic, a successful one, that enables a story to be told about a product, company or brand. Using a relatable narrative-based storyline viewers are led through a visual journey that pulls our heartstrings, triggers an emotive response and concludes with an ending as powerful as your favourite Disney movie as a child.

The whole working-from-home thing, Apple pandemic recruitment video

Empowering candidates to showcase themselves

Traditional recruitment practices are centred around written job adverts and candidate CVs, where an agency or in-house recruiter would have the task of sifting through sometimes hundreds of resumes sent with a hopeful desire of being the candidate that catches the recruiter’s eye, then receiving that all important call for an interview. Having been on the receiving end of hundreds of CVs from hopeful candidates as a hiring manager, where I am looking for a good fit not just for a role, but for the team and wider company fit, having a candidate tell their story through video would have been, and now is, an extremely welcomed dream come true.

A modern solution, to a tale as old as time

Around the 4th century B.C. the Roman army had more vacancies than candidates and a predominant portion of available workers were lacking the skills and experience for the roles, and unfortunately too poorly qualified for the jobs. As we can all imagine, staffing an army at that time was not an easy feat, nor finding skilled and qualified candidates in general.

In walks recruitment, for the first time (ever)…

Julius Caesar at this time offered a referral payment of 300 Sestertii to Roman soldiers who successfully brought in new members. A payment upon the death of a new recruit was also paid out if the new recruit passed in the first 3 months of employment. It is believed that the new recruit referral was the first employee referral scheme on record.

an image showing Amazon’s first-ever job ad from 1994 seeking Unix developers

Let’s talk recruiting now, circa 2022…

Recruitment has now evolved to video-first where a wall of candidates can now replace the stack of CV’s waiting to be viewed in a recruiters, or hiring manager’s inbox. If you want to know more about video-first recruitment, I recommend this article written by an experienced recruiter turned rec-tech founder, Recruiting and hiring in the new video-first world.

VizCareer Talent Wall

What replacing a stack of CVs looks like with VizCareer’s Talent Wall

The framework for creating a video story

When creating a video story, start with building out the foundation by deciding who the story is for, the point in creating it, who will tell the story and where it will then be accessed. Once these elements are created you will have the framework for the story you are about to create.

Advertising a role? Here’s how to create your story framework

Characters: Your company is the hero of the story and the star which is made up of everyone who works there. Talk about the people and how they make the company unique and successful. When was the company founded and what are the individual teams like, especially the team the candidate would work in.

Recruitment video for the New Zealand police force

Applying for a role? Here’s how to create your story framework

Characters: You’re the star of your recruitment story and your past experiences with co-workers will aid in offering their assistance as your supporting characters. Plan how you want to share the projects you have previously delivered, what part you ‘played’ and how you worked with your team to make it happen.



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